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User:Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper (user# 3501)
Location: Edge City, nihilism, United States
Bio:I'm a fuck up but I do my best.
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Interests:(49) animals, zen, anarchy, chaos, cheese, cheeses of Nazereth, communism, conspiracy theories, David Thoreau, death, Discordia, doom, folk music, French, friends, God, guitar, heavy metal, hodags, Jack Kerouac, jam bands, Ken Kesey, love, making fun of various pop/punk bands (Good Charlotte etc), metaphysics, music, nature, peace, philosophy, poetry, politics, psychedelia, records, religion, rivers and their nature, rock and roll, socialism, spirituality, stoner rock, strange and beautiful things, that which is older than me, the '60's, the Holy Beyond, the sky, the truth, tripping out, tuning down, turning up, vegetarianism
Created:2003-03-09 12:58:13
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