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:: 2021 15 April :: 2.52 am
:: Mood: bored

Something something, I'm a delivery boy now, yadda yadda I no longer work at the donut factory.

Got my weed card, a nice little scooter, still married, I take Prozac once again to augment the Zyprexa that I am being prescribed since my stay in the looney bin, and for once things are relatively balanced and stable.

Am I still the self-loathing, drug-addled, perambulating piece of shit of yesteryear? Not entirely. Aside from smoking bud, I abstain from drugs and hardly imbibe.

Also: I have learned to accept my nose and complexion, and have confirmation that my dick is not pathetic, quite the opposite (fuck off, dysmorphia).

Progress? I fucking hope so.

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:: 2021 10 February :: 11.47 am
:: Mood: chipper
:: Music: Blue Öyster Cult - Veteran of the Psychic Wars

Things are perty darn good.

How the hell are you?


:: 2020 18 October :: 3.41 am

Not quite dead yet.

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:: 2019 22 April :: 3.26 pm


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