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User:da-units (user# 24090)
Location: Da Big HC!!, Michigan, United States
Yahoo! IM:chelthesmell [add user]
Bio:well...we're REL and CHEL. we're pretty flipping cool. so you better like us and if you dont then maybe you just shouldnt read our journal or something like that. REL likes super duper hot boys. also Napolian Dynamite and his friend Pedro!!! *winks* lol... and Chel likes....this boy....and not just any boy....a super duper hot boy named Todd Mike! OH YEAH!!! *winks* oh yeah...and WE ARE SUPA FINE!!!
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Interests:(15) and cookies and...well...FOOD!!!, basketball, being famous, boys, boys, Boys, BOYS, dancing, funny movies, hmm...lets see...we're interested in....gymnastics, money, movies, oh and boys, oh and...boys who have money and are famous also hot! that works too! plus....we like pizza and french fries with cheese, oh boys too!!!! hey...did i mention that we are interested in boys? well we are. lol...
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