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:: 2008 27 January :: 3.03 pm

So I'm over at KT's house right now on Andy's friend's compy. Ran into him at Meijer yesterday and we decided to play basketball today, just like old times. Now we're just chillin' and listening to music.

How's everyone else?

Life's A Bitch

:: 2007 24 November :: 2.16 pm
:: Mood: nostalgic

What is your heart's deepest desire?

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:: 2007 21 October :: 4.56 pm
:: Music: "The diary of Jane" by Breaking Benjamin


Just sitting here. Bored. Watching the Nascar race.

Can anybody please tell me how to pictures in the journal background. I forgot how. Thank you.

Not doing much these days but working. All sisters are married now. I'm the only one left unmarried. Hard enough getting a girlfriend let alone thinking about a future marriage. Life is crazy.........but fun.

Hope you all are doing good. Peace out.

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:: 2007 15 September :: 7.31 pm
:: Mood: hopeful
:: Music: "The Great Escape" Boys like Girls

My new phone number is (616) 685-0099. I'm working and living in Holland now. Got a nice 2 bedroom apartment. Call if you want to talk or hang out sometime.

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:: 2007 3 September :: 10.31 am
:: Mood: thoughtful
:: Music: Jeremy Camp

Time does not heal all wounds.
GOD heals all wounds. (But the scars still hurt and I wish He would get rid of those too.)

Life's A Bitch

:: 2006 18 October :: 3.49 pm

Hey, What's up? How's everyone doing?

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:: 2006 14 May :: 2.26 pm
:: Music: "Where'd you go?" by Fort Minor

Been awhile since I've been here.

How's it going for you?

Same as always for me. Boring.

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:: 2005 22 September :: 1.23 pm
:: Music: "The World you Love" by Jimmy Eat World


How be the college life for you?

Myself, I took the year off. Little breather before the rest of my life.

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:: 2005 2 June :: 1.05 am
:: Music: "Graduation" by Vitamin C

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there? Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men
Will the past be a shadow that will follow us 'round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

As we go on, we remember
All the times we
had together

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:: 2005 24 May :: 6.00 pm

Maybe I'm bipolar or something. I go up and down a lot.

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