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:: 2020 26 November :: 6.45 pm

I hate every single second I'm alive

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:: 2020 26 November :: 12.44 pm

these feelings are inescapable
like a black straight jacket suffocating me
I'm so so miserable no matter my circumstances
and that isn't fair to anyone

except me because I deserve to feel this way

are you reaching out

:: 2020 17 November :: 9.16 pm

remember when we saw secret window with Johnny depp and painted pottery for your birthday? that was a good day.

I miss those days.

are you reaching out

:: 2020 17 November :: 10.22 am

holidays are cancelled this year. I miss my family.

been practicing making pretzels. they taste really good, they are light and fluffy, I just always feel like they are too soft. I am so scared of over kneading because I tried making tortellini from scratch before and they were so tough I thought they would break my teeth.

I'll knead it longer next time. I wish my oven was bigger.

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:: 2020 19 October :: 10.00 am

my life is a shitty mess

but at least I'm not a heroin addict I guess


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