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fluttering beats in the dark

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:: 2020 15 September :: 12.59 pm

I hurt myself today

1 night time trust fall | are you reaching out

:: 2020 14 September :: 10.06 am

that feeling when your soul is an open window, and everyone can see the wind blow through.

are you reaching out

:: 2020 29 August :: 10.21 pm

someone actually paid me back today what the fuck

this is a strange feeling

are you reaching out

:: 2020 21 August :: 7.59 am

I very literally hate every day.

I hate my life.

I hate my choices in life.

I hate the future.

I just want to give up so badly. all this struggle and for what. nothing fucking MEANS ANYTHING.

it's all just cheap plastic emotions and cheap plastic people and cheap plastic money.

I'm so lonely.

1 night time trust fall | are you reaching out

:: 2020 11 August :: 5.54 pm

quarantine is taking me back to the sus era.

I feel so isolated and lonely.

I don't like living, I'm done having my dreams crushed.

time to stop dreaming. and start existing in the mud like the fat ugly pig I am.

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