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:: 2021 25 February :: 6.32 am

next month is unofficially 11 years with my employer.

11 years of misery, but I'm still here.

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:: 2021 21 February :: 12.19 pm

I'm just so BORED

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:: 2021 9 February :: 7.48 am

I hate when shows are cancelled with no resolution

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:: 2021 1 February :: 8.13 am
:: Mood: crushed

had to quit d&d because someone was being paranoid that I was trying to get him killed and fucking tried at me for how I play the game.

if it was the first time is be like whatever, even if it was the 3rd time, but this shit has been going on at least a year and I'm fucking over it.

I'm not really used to people hating me like that for no reason. I'm not great at the game, the rules are convoluted and boring, I just wanted to role play. but I couldn't even do that without someone always talking over me.

just like in my real life. I'm so fucking boring people can't even wait until I'm done talking before they start their own story.

I'm so boring even my bf constantly ditches me.

I'm literally the most boring doormat. you just want me money and my effort, you don't want ME.

it feels like no one wants me.
rejected toy painted with lead paint
repugnant petulant


I hate every day.

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:: 2021 29 January :: 11.47 pm

had to quit d&d

I'm bummed

but I'm done wasting my precious time off dealing with that asshat.

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