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fluttering beats in the dark

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:: 2021 15 July :: 12.12 pm

broke my first bone today... in my right foot. being a clumsy dumbass.

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:: 2021 11 July :: 8.05 am

when you can't shake the feeling that you're a stranger in your own body

unrecognizable feelings and ideas, who am I, what am I doing. in the immense weights and hopeless nights.

the absolute absurdity of life, emotions, memory... ultimately we are all forgotten, like we never existed.. consumes me every waking moment. I see all the colors, but I don't even know if I'm seeing them right

are you reaching out

:: 2021 10 July :: 8.36 am

it's been a year since his dad passed away.. time fucking flies and drags at the same time. this is going to be a rough day...

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:: 2021 26 June :: 4.21 pm

when your ex's oldest brother passed away before he's 35.... what do you even say?

my heart is broken.. fucking what the fuck

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:: 2021 12 June :: 1.42 am

I hate when a bunch of drunk assholes show up at 1am and start shouting in my home while I'm trying to sleep.

no I don't want to come out there and talk to drunk people who won't remember the convo tomorrow.

I went to bed TO FUCKING SLEEP

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