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:: 2017 23 September :: 8.15 am

nothing feels good
nothing is fun
my job sucks away all my joy
all my time
all my ambition

are you reaching out

:: 2017 22 September :: 12.29 pm

someone hurry up and murder me

suicide is too scary

and i want off this fucking ride

are you reaching out

:: 2017 21 September :: 5.50 pm

i swear to christ if you fucking tell me "let's not make this a thing" im going to fucking scream

1. i will make a "thing" out of whatever i feel is important enough to make a "thing" of.

2. me offering to be nice is not me making a "thing" out of the situation

3. fuck off

are you reaching out

:: 2017 11 September :: 11.36 pm

best things about being an adult:

1. pets
2. hotels
3. driving your own car

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:: 2017 30 August :: 2.02 pm

it feels like i can't ever do anything right

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