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:: 2021 24 September :: 7.32 am

I have a comfortable life. I have a nice place to live in. I have everything that I physically want. I don't need more than I have.

But I would like more days off. I would like more days to live my life. I'm not saying I'd do many things differently with that time, but I'd certainly enjoy my job more if I had to do it less.

I miss having the ability to feel like I can have time off. When I take it, I feel resentment from my supervisors. The happiest times in my life were times I wasn't working by choice. Most things, issues with my relationship or parents, problems with my neighborhood, problems with weight, with money - everything stems from this work requirement.

Money doesn't solve everything is a bullshit phrase to everyone who is forced to work in this capitalistic system.

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