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:: 2019 12 February :: 5.56 am

Health Insurance
I think I might get a Catastrophic coverage plan. I just turned 26, so I gotta get my own plan now. The estimates I just looked at this morning are quoting me ~$185-$200/mo. for basic coverage. $7,900 deductible (JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!)

So, it's either that, or get married, like, immediately, and then I can be on S's insurance through OSU. But that idea has me a little spooked. I used to laugh at the hilarious idea of a shotgun wedding, as if that was just a comedic device and something that would never happen to me. But now I actually have friends whose weddings were rush jobs because one of them needed to get on their partner's insurance. Like, this is not an uncommon strategy.

Well. At least my head is a little clearer now. Spring is coming. I know it's still the middle of winter, but spring is coming. I can feel it in my bones; thank God.


:: 2019 11 February :: 4.34 pm

Fuck. I gotta visit Michigan.


:: 2019 6 February :: 8.49 am

Planning a solo trip in 2019. Where should I go?

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:: 2019 8 January :: 4.47 pm
:: Music: Yakety Sax

really, really, really stoned (sorry everyone)
I like girls. There. I said it. But, I've never had a relationship with a girl. I've never known if a girl has liked me back, when I've liked her. I've never felt like we were almost about to kiss. Well...maybe a couple of times. But all the girls I would've dated are married now. Or dead. Or simply out of reach.

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:: 2019 7 January :: 1.57 pm

I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly.


:: 2019 1 January :: 12.19 pm

It's so strange and wonderful to be in love with so many people/places/pieces, all at once.

I choose to have faith that this is where I'm meant to be.

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