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User:sportsgirl (user# 3339)
Location: outerspace somewhere, somewhere in someplace, Other
Birthdate: i -luv-u
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Bio:OK i am just a crazy person. With a bunch of crazy friends who i love. And yeah pretty much. My life is being with my frineds, babysitting and, school. So fun. Although i so crazy i think i am from another planet. But who knows where. So beware.
Friends:(13) Angel_Bob, cowsgomoo!!!, glitterkisses, homsar, Iron-Cipher, KTHPKC, kurzHaar, Lavitz1985, pamela, Shinigami, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, threshershark, Viper15
Friend Of:(10) cowsgomoo!!!, ears, homsar, KTHPKC, pamela, Shinigami, Sike-a-delic_Grasshopper, THE+ONE+I+LOVE, threshershark, Viper15
Interests:(9) basketball, cars!!!, football, god, guys, music, my friends, soccar, sports
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