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:: 2019 24 May :: 11.15 am

Recorded on 5.22.19
POD 17

In which I am serenaded by Alec.

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:: 2019 18 May :: 1.23 pm

looks like it's time for
yet another DRUM BREAK!

I happened across an old recording of this drum pattern I'd written for basement audio lab. It was a crappy demo version consisting of me tapping on my legs and kicking the mic stand. It was virtually unlistenable, with a horrendous click track going in the background. I was surprised to find the pattern came much more naturally to me this time around, and the click was not necessary. I just wanted to make a better recording of the part for future reference. I don't know what prog rock band I'm going to join someday that will have a need for a part in 7/8 time, but you never know. When the time comes, I guess I'll have this to contribute.

Doing fills in 7 is hard. It's not a natural thing to feel when you were raised on groups of 2 and 4. Most people understand 3, I guess. Waltzes and such. Sometimes you'll hear radio stuff in 6 (which is really just 2 groups of 3, or 3 groups of 2, depending). 5 and 7 are a lot trickier, since you're mashing a 2 and a 3, or a 4 and a 3, or 2 twos and a 3 together at once. Makes it harder to find the downbeat. Actually, what I really like to do is carry it over 2 measures, then the "down" beat becomes the "up" beat for the second measure, before it turns back around again.

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:: 2019 16 May :: 10.52 pm

I went to the KCCC meeting tonight
They were having elections. I am now officially Trustee #3 on the Board of Directors. Which is mostly an honorary title, but it was nice of them to include me.

I decided to celebrate at a place down the road ... with a poke bowl:

then i was like, wait...

poke bowl = poke ball?

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:: 2019 14 April :: 10.46 pm

Recorded on 4.3.19
POD 16

In which I am joined by Mike. He will make you want to have his babies, with piercing blue eyes and gravelly baritone.

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:: 2019 9 April :: 11.30 pm

recorded on 3.29.19
POD 15

The second episode with Kevin, in which we were highly inappropriate. You've been warned.

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:: 2019 3 April :: 10.47 am

Recorded on 3.27.19
POD 14.2

The second part, in which snacks were had and recording quality suffered accordingly. You've been warned.

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:: 2019 2 April :: 6.30 pm

Recorded on 3.27.19
POD 14.1

After much deliberation, names were left un-bleeped. If we talk about you and you want your name bleeped, please forward your bleeping requests to:

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:: 2019 26 March :: 11.28 pm

No new podcast yet, just a fun video I wanted to share. There's a lot of good stuff here, if you're into recording drums.

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:: 2019 19 March :: 11.15 pm

recorded on 3.19.19

POD 13

Happy hostful super-mega-ultra-blood-oath-moon-equinox thing.

Enjoy a podcast.

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meeting guide app

"demo" site - sandbox mode engage!

current (i.e. lame) site

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:: 2019 12 March :: 8.20 am
:: Mood: Woo

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