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:: 2006 10 February :: 12.04 am

the end
i'm not gonna use this woohu anymore.

i'm gonna use my old one.



:: 2006 6 February :: 3.50 am

Read more..

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:: 2006 4 February :: 11.32 pm
:: Music: Cry Wolf

i'm done
I'm sick of how our lives are like the movie Cry Wolf.

Why is it that in the end I can only trust Dennis?

No offense Dennis.

Ross too.

But that's all.

And I'm tired of having my friends tell other people what I tell them, and then mix my words up, to make it look like I said something completely different.

If you want to be like Jill, go ahead. But it will get you no where in life, and you'll only have friends that will let you down in the end anyway.

Good luck.

i'm sick and tired of your attitude problem too. you used to be cool, and now you're not. fucking lighten up. the shit you've been hearing is true, only because you don't know what fun is anymore. let me refresh your memory. fun = laughter, not getting mad over stupid shit, and just ignoring the ugliness in people.

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:: 2006 2 February :: 5.53 pm
:: Music: the pussycat dolls - stickwitu

well hello
Work was decent, and I called Jeremiah to see how he was doing. Who does that? I mean, it was a nice gesture, but I barely ever talk to Jeremiah. Ever. And it was odd. I was just sitting there, and I saw a little red car drive by and was like "hm.." So, I grabbed the phone and dialed what I thought was his number. I didn't even think that it could be wrong until it started ringing. Then I was like "great.. now what." But, his mom answered and I was like "um.. HI!" lol. Nah, I just asked if Jeremiah was home so I could see how he was doing. We had a nice little 2 minute conversation. It was weird though. I dunno why. I never felt.. weird.. talking to Jeremiah. I guess it's cause I called him at his home. I felt like a fucking retard. But whatever. I just wanted to see how he was, and how his friend was. So suck on that, Dr. S.

I didn't go to bed until friggen 3, cause I was up talking to my mom. Civil conversation, and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep with my eyes open for a bit lol. But it was nice. And I'm gonna do it again.

Anybody have 800 dollars I can borrow?


:: 2006 30 January :: 7.12 am

Everyone should go look at my Myspace.

Right Na!
^ click that.


:: 2006 25 January :: 4.52 pm
:: Music: trick daddy - sugar

jeremiah update
Six fractured vertebrae, three broken.. bones?.. in his neck, had a hole in his lung, but it healed itself. He can walk around, and move and stuff, but he doesn't have his prescription yet. Teri's got it handled though. I'm pretty sure I don't ever wanna mess with that lady, or she'd kill me lol. Especially right now.

Anyway, I feel bad for Jeremiah. I'm pretty positive I want him to get back to normal super fast. He looked like he was in a bunch of pain before me and Anne left.

We saw where he went into the trees on Shaner. We past it like.. three times, but we only really knew about.. one of them. For sure sighting type thing. We had to waste about 15 minutes so Jana could talk to Silvia.. that how you spell her name? I don't know.

Jeremiah made me smile on the inside today though. He said that Dennis could use his camera for when he went to the Grill with Shannon. Was my last entry not about me wanting a camera so I could be on the Real World? lol. YES!

Anyway, I have to go and relax with myself, since it's my day off. Back to my shitty job tomorrow. Ten to four though, so that's not bad.

If you don't already know what happened to Jeremiah, click here.

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:: 2006 24 January :: 11.28 pm

real world
i'm pretty sure i want to be on the real world.

anybody gotta camera i can borrow?


:: 2006 24 January :: 1.32 am

sad times
i'm pretty sure i want to cry right now. a lot.

first, cheryl's going back to the bk lounge, and i miss it, and i remember one day i was in back cash, and cheryl got a tendergrill and chili, and she sat on the floor in back cash and ate her little foodies, as we chatted. that was nice.

second thing is, poor poor jeremiah got into a serious car accident. i'm pretty sure everyone who reads this already knows, but still. anne-tastic told me yesterday morning, dennis went into my work and told me, and then ross told me when i walked into bk last night. it's sad news, and it kinda makes me want to sprinkle a little tearage.

which leads me to ask this.. what would you get a guy, as a gift, who just got into a car accident when he loves everything about cars? probably shouldn't be throwing little matchbox cars at him going "ha ha ha, new cars for jeremiah!" i'm sure he'd just die and say "go to hell" or.. not. but i would. that was my suggestion until i remembered why he's in the hospital in the first place. see, stupid.

anyway, going to bed again. me=tired & thirsty.

ps. chicken, bacon, ranch from subway is probaby, by far, the BEST sandwich ever invented. oh, lee is trying to force me and tanya to take 30 minute lunch breaks. he's gonna forget, but if he does.. might as well get the hell outta there and go get some srubway!

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:: 2006 22 January :: 9.24 pm
:: Music: usher & alicia keys - my boo

people are retarded, but my friends being retarded make me laugh.. a lot. like so..

cheryl: i suck at bingo

go ahead and tell me how one can suck at bingo. go 'head.. you can't. it involves zero amounts of skill. anyway, that made me giggle, so i thought i'd share it with you.

anyway, so i had a nice chat with one of my friends about people we talk to, and hang out with. i guess i didn't really notice that i wasn't the only one that got annoyed with people and their little habits.

i just got a phone call from somebody. no idea who they are, but they said i work at the baskin robbins in cedar springs, which is obvious they don't know me. anyway.. if you wanna call them back and prank them or something, the number is 616-450-6882. this guy just randomly called me and was like "hey baby, yada yada yada." he's weird.

anyway, back to what i was saying, i was talking to one of my friends and we were just kinda.. exchanging thoughts about everyone else we know. granted, we love our friends, but there are certain things that are bothering us about some of them. so.. we decided to just.. chat. and it was nice. i enjoyed it a lot. showed that i'm not the only one that thinks half the shit i thought.

so, anyway. that's that.

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:: 2006 21 January :: 4.53 pm

well hi
first off, i wanna let everyone know that i changed my woohu layout, so that's pretty cool. it was a lot of fun to make this one. second, i am home, and the details about my chicago trip will be in a diferent entry, because i don't feel like getting into it right now. and third, i'm wicked tired.

i'm hungry. anyway, that's all. ciao.

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