a highschool junior

I started Woohu when I was a junior in high school. I was sixteen years old and I knew a little bit of PHP code. I used to be a user of LiveJournal but they started experiencing a lot of downtime. I'm the type of person that likes to do everything on his own but I won't complain if that doesn't work out. Anyway, so I decided, "I can do this" and I created Woohu. I wrote it all from scratch and I learned how to do everything that I needed to as I went. I launched the site in August of 2001, and it soon suffered a terrible fate since I bought hosting from a bunch of idiots. I brought the site down and reworked some coding, and made the official launch on January 1st, 2002 at 12:00am.

a little here and there

I'm one of those perfectionists when it comes to my web sites. Especially if I have enough time to spend. I really don't work on Woohu all that much, I spend a lot of time on the code in the beginning so that it's good enough to just stand the times and live without me doing much. Woohu gets some kind of revamp about every 12 months. This being its third rewrite so far, and by far the best. It's been brought up to the times and, in my opinion, is one of the best journal provider on the market.


In October 2003 I turned 18 finally. Being an adult I am allowed to do many 'adult' things, like start my own business. So that's what I did. I am the sole owner and employee of Hypodermic Media. Hypodermic Media is the 'official' parent company that runs Woohu and the several other sites that I own. With the formation of Hypodermic Media comes many future goals. I'm putting focus in creating some really cool web sites that can carry their own weight, as well as my own. My goal is to do my web sites, and only my web sites, to earn a living.

Current Day

2008 started with the dissolution of Hypodermic Media and the formation of Bzoink, LLC. It's also the start of the 'office space' era of Woohu. Woohu is a product of Bzoink, LLC and now there's offices! Yay. Nothing fancy yet, and no employees yet, but it's neat. All servers have been moved in-house and there's no more $100/hr after-hour data center access, or driving an hour down to the data center in the middle of a crisis to fix something simple. Offices and servers are now located in downtown Cedar Springs, MI. It's exciting times and things are happening.