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:: 2021 21 September :: 10.35 am

another rejection.

we get what we deserve.

trash deserves to be burned

are you reaching out

:: 2021 20 September :: 1.26 pm

I just want to hear back about this job

are you reaching out

:: 2021 29 August :: 12.45 pm
:: Music: sleep

an open letter to the people in my life
spinning in place, hurdling thru eternity, being painfully aware of the absurdity of life, and consciousness..

I'm thankful I'm on my journey with the people I am. even if we haven't actually met. it means so much that you all joined me at one time or another. if you're still with me or we've had to say good bye... you changed my course, and I'm grateful we touched each other in some way.

life is so precious, and fleeting, and absurd, painful, frustrating, beautiful, ephemeral... I know I'm ungrateful and thankless often, but I do appreciate the little time I had on this planet, and all the people who have made it possible.

sincerely - thank you

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:: 2021 2 August :: 10.49 am

things can't be perfect all the time, that I know.

I will not say one word, I'll just hang around... I won't annoy you at all. when you move out I'll stay until I'm thrown away . but then it won't matter.

sometimes we just have to let some things go.

are you reaching out

:: 2021 2 August :: 6.43 am

all my dreams are dead.

I'll never afford a nice house, or a yard.

I'll never have that high paying job that will grant me a lil financial independence.

I'll never achieve anything.

this world is beyond fucked, and everyone has their heads in the sand.

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